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285 50 R18 - for big brothers among off-roaders

In the dimension 285 50 R18 can be found especially tires for large, heavy off-road vehicles. The selection of tires for road use is significantly greater than at tires for genuine, serious grounds here. The reason is that these vehicles be driven predominantly on the road and less in the terrain.

Wide, powerful and stable

tires in the dimension 285 50 R18 are designed to carry a high vehicle weight - accordingly robust and strong, they are built. For some models, here there are also the so-called Reinforced versions - unlike vans tires that is in the off-road dimensions but by no means standard. For the ride comfort with many premium models, such as the Bridgestone Dueler Sport, often quite excellent. The Hankook Ventus ST and the ContiCrossContact of Continental are both represented in this dimension and also for their good performance known. Even the Pirelli Scorpion is in this dimension of the party, as the Ice & Snow also a good winter tires for the vehicle category.

Great choice of many manufacturers

The dimension 285 50 R18 is a right-hand size, so there are just also many models from many manufacturers, known and known less. The Fulda Tramp 4x4 or 4X4 Michelin Diamaris among the less well-known off-road tires , but which does not necessarily says something about their qualities. tires like the Continental ContiCrossContact are simply a known and proven for years Urgestein this vehicle class, which makes it different brands difficult to be known. At most, the Dunlop SP Sport 9000 can be considered as an old acquaintance, often used not only in this class, but also in many others. The Advan Yokohama is also a fairly proven model that shines especially with good values ​​in all relevant areas and solid all-round qualities. True road tires can be found but only a few.

In the dimension 285 50 R18 include mainly tires for heavy Allrader class, some SUVs carry this dimension. Mostly there is but pure road tires.

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