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Knowing Your 285 70 r17 Tires

Known as off-road summer tires, your 285 70 r17 tires are often seen on light trucks, and on 4x4 SUVs. Also known as a somewhat middle-to-lower priced tire, the 285 70 17 height tire is built to withstand shocks and a fair amount of wear and tear. However, they are also a very safe tire that is often used around town and for suburb driving. Your 285 70 17 tires are very reliable and perform very well if they are cared for and are not abused with reckless or high-speed driving.

Your 285 70 17 Tires are determined as such:

  • 285 is the width of your tires in mm.
  • 70 is the aspect ratio (ratio of height to width)
  • 17 is the diameter of your wheel in inches measured by the size of the rim
  • R means this is a radial tire

285 70 17 Tires Special Features

Often seen on SUVs and all-terrain vehicles, the tire 285 70 r17 is built to keep sharp objects from gaining a position where they may pierce the tires. In fact, they are shock and wear resistant to a very high degree if they are correctly maintained; only losing their rough-wearing and puncture-avoiding features when they have gone bald and lost their tread.

Your cheap 285 70 r17 tires are very versatile, which is why they are often used by people who sometimes frequent inner cities, and sometimes frequent dirt roads and rough terrain. They are average performers on wet and dry roads, they are fairly comfortable, very stable, and have an average tire life. Traction and control are big features of 285 70 r17 tire size tires, with some varieties of tread offering very good road adhesion, which is true even in very slick and very wet weather.

How To Get The Most Out of Your Tire 285 70 r17

The fact is that this these 285 70 r17 Inches tires perform very well on all terrains, but you will have to sacrifice a little bit of fuel efficiency for the pleasure of having such a safe set of tires. However, if you maintain your 285 70 17 tires well and you keep them properly inflated, then these tires out-perform economy tires every time in terms of fuel efficiency. This means that what you save on economy tires is wasted on fuel loss, so you may as well pay a little extra and get good-quality 285 70 17 inch tires.

Getting The Best 285 70 r17 Tire Size Tires

Search out 285 70r17 tires for sale and opt to pay a little more so that your tires last a lot longer, which means you get better value for your money. If you are looking for new tires, then consider these to be summer tires. However, be aware that these 285 70 r17 size tires perform exceptionally well on all terrains and in all weathers, so do not be afraid to use your tire size 285 70 17 tires all year. Just be aware that they perform the best in summer. The price of 285 70 r17 tires is very good when you consider how well they perform on all terrains.

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