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295 25 R20 - very wide and very low

Low-profile tires - and these include tires with the dimensions 295 25 R20 now certainly - mainly provide high road adhesion and good acceleration and braking forces transfer to the road. The 25% of the tire width in this case, very low tire height improves the contact of the vehicle to the road enormously and ensures sporty driving behavior - especially in vehicles that do it that way.

Satter road contact, good adhesion, even in curves

tires in the dimension 295 25 R20 produce a particularly good contact between the fast and sporty vehicle and the road. While this reduces the suspension comfort, to a tire in other classes provides otherwise, but provides tremendous roadholding and excellent cornering performance of vehicles. Especially in the high-speed boundary regions, it is more and more on the performance of the tire, even more than the engine. Who can go faster in the curve, also at the end of the hood forward. What at extreme racing tires often notice is that their wet grip sometimes not quite as good, there are just quite models that feel much more comfortable on dry roads and reach due to its minimal profile in rain and high water levels on the road to their limits , This should be in the selection of summer tires always considerate and check the tire label of eligible models even then.

Fast tire for fast cars

All tires sized 295 25 R20 are all specially designed for high speeds and sporty driving styles. On fast cars, you can often the Ultrac Sessanta, but also the Hankook Ventus S1, which is also available in this dimension and can offer excellent performance both in wet and in dry conditions. It can be found in many dimensions on the front seats of the tire testing. Even the Pirelli PZero is one of the best models in this dimension with particularly sporting properties and outstanding handling, from Continental is in this class, especially the ContiSportContact his man. Winter tires , there are virtually no in this dimension, the winter tire dimensions for all these vehicles are usually applied somewhat higher.

In the dimension 295 25 R20 tires to be prepared for the particularly fast super sports car that shine primarily by sporting achievements and tremendous roadholding.

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