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Knowing Your 305 55 r20 Tires

If you know anything about tires, then you will know that the 305 55 r20 tires are some of the best looking tires for off-road vehicles such as SUVs, and they work well as light truck tires too. They are predominantly used in summer months and dry months but are suitable for use off-road and on-road all year round. The deep and impressive tread patterns mean that your vehicle will perform well off road, and will brake very well on regular roads, which is one of the reasons why light trucks tend to favor this type of tire.

Your 305 55 r20 tires are determined as such:

  • 305 is the width of your tires in mm
  • 55 is the aspect ratio (ratio of height to width)
  • r20 is the diameter of your wheel in inches measured by the size of the rim
  • R means this is a radial tire

305 55 r20 Special Features

With a good deep tread, your 305 55 20 tires will perform very well off road, which includes on very wet and muddy roads. They are very hard wearing in that they may easily withstand hard knocks, and they last far longer than most other all-terrain tires. You lose a little fuel efficiency when you put these tires on, but that is the compromise for having on-road tires that perform so well off road.

Shopping for 305 r55 20 tires is great because of the variety of high quality tread and tire types available, though if you shop around, you can find some good-quality road touring tires that focus less on off-road traction and more on on-road adhesion.

How To Get The Most Out of Your 305 55 r20 Tires

Light trucks and larger cars tend to favor these tires because when they are on road, your 305 55r20 tire diameter tires are very good at braking. Plus, with certain cars, they make cornering far easier and far safer. They are best used during the summer and warmer months, but they will perform very well on wet roads too. If you never go off road, or you only go off road a few times per month, then shop around for 305 55 20 inches tires that have more of a road touring edge.

As mentioned already, these tires are excellent for off-roading, but there are some tread varieties that are closer to a standard touring road tires. They are often cheaper and more fuel efficient than off-road tires, so consider how much you use your tires off road before you pick the ones for you.

Getting The Best 305 55 20 Tires

Your 305 55 20 inch tires are good for all year round, and they are all-terrain tires, which means you will have to pay a pretty penny for good ones. Even the cheapest 305 55 r20 tires are in the mid-ranged price area. If you want the sort of all-terrain performance that these types of tires, then look for 305 55 r20 tires prices in the higher-mid range because that is where you get your best value for money. The traction the higher priced tires have is amazing, and yet even the slightly lower priced 305 55 r20 tires for sale still have a lastability that easily beats out economy tires.

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