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With the Accelera tires you equip both cars as well as SUVs optimally

Accelera is an Indonesian tire manufacturer for various categories of vehicles. Among other things, they are offered for SUVs, passenger cars and minibuses. Whether you Accelera summer tires or winter tires Search: The product range offers the right tires Accelera for each case.

Accelera tires: For the winter, the summer and the outdoor ride perfectly equipped

In winter the ideal Accelera Snow , a powerful winter tires. He shines with excellent handling and an impressive appearance. Tune your car with fancy wheels - and this tire is a highlight. Visually, it resembles a wide tire and therefore has very sporty. The handling is convincing both on snow and on ice. In these tires Accelera is M + S tires, so-called mud and snow tires. For the summer of istsowohl Accelera Epsilon and the Accelera Alpha a very sporty tires. Even at high speeds it stays on track. It is designed for speeds of up to 210 km / h. Special tires Accelera can also be used for outdoor trips. These render its performance both in the field as well as on the road.

How to choose the right tires

First of all, the model is important. Pay attention inter alia to the permissible speed and the environmental characteristics. To then select the right tires, you need the vehicle documents. There you will find information on the tire size. Not all tires are available in the right size, but offer a wide range of Accelera tires. For SUVs outdoor wheels are well suited, they are also available in large sizes.

tires Accelera are always a good choice. They are distinguished by their good driving characteristics and are suitable for all categories of vehicles. Whether you need a smaller Fiat drive or a larger Mercedes, at this manufacturer you can always find the best tires.

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