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The Achilles Multivan - reasonable allrounder for all occasions

Whether on the family SUV or the commercial light trucks - the Achilles Multivan offers reasonable performance and durability for a variety of purposes. He is an SUV summer tires for heavy vehicles.

Versatile applications

The Multi when Achilles Multivan stands for the number of different applications that this SUV and light truck tires offer. It is designed primarily for heavier vehicles, such as SUVs and vans. Its robust exterior is also the harsh everyday use yet grown in the commercial sector, in addition, it is also suitable for vehicles with high payload. This makes it an ideal summer tire for Family Vans, commercial vans or SUVs everyday. For Achilles Multivan speaks especially his long life, low wear and reasonable performance. The Achilles Multivan is a summer tire which is not designed for border regions, in everyday use but provides a consistently good safety. The handling and braking on dry and wet conditions are still convincing even when fully loaded, next provides the Achilles Multivan high cornering even for heavier vehicles. Together with the widened tread and the evenly spaced grooves on the profile provides the for stable handling in all situations with maximum service life through regular wear.

Achilles - quality of an American company

Expelled is the Achilles Multivan by an American company, the American Pacific Industries Inc., which have their headquarters in Valencia, California. Which are produced Achilles tires but - like so many premium brands also - in Indonesia. The production plant meets the latest standards, the quality controls are strict. The brand in this country is not so well known, but is particularly renowned in the US for a long time great appreciation, mainly because of high mileage.

The Achilles Multivan is a tire which can be used as a reasonable rounder on all SUVs, SUVs and vans as very economical summer tire.

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