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Avon tires: Your tire specialist.

Avon tires come from the Cooper Tire Company, which is based in Ohio and occupies by production and sales to eighth in the world among all tire manufacturers. The company has a long tradition, it was founded in 1904 and gained a high reputation by racing commitments. This tradition results the performance tires from Avon for fast vehicles.

tire production at Avon

Even for everyday use Avon tires are very much appreciated, which is supported by test reports. The varied assortment is diverse vehicles accessible in all conceivable driving and weather situations, moreover, the tires on a very good price-performance ratio. Striking is the very wide range of products of Avonreifen , but the car division is divided again in Van and wheel tires. The segment of motorsports is supplied as before, therefore originate many of the recent innovations of Avon, which is reflected in the mass production of tires in the consumer area. An example of this is the sporty performer ZZ3 , the excellent cuts even under the harshest conditions. Important features are the high traction control, excellent traction and durability of the tire from Avon. The Avon ZZR oriented already in the overall design on racing and is therefore particularly suitable for very high-performance vehicles.

tire range of Avon

A very large selection provides Avon with the summer tires, by way of example are the Avon CR 322, ZZ3, ZV3 , ZV5 and ZZR called. The CR322 is considered outspoken tires save on fuel , which also runs whisper quiet. Thus the tire meets the comfort needs of many drivers. The price is as low as the rolling resistance and weight, which contributes to the high savings by Avon tires. In its summer tire test 02 of ÖAMTC evaluated the Avon CR322 as the product with the lowest external noise. The winter tires Avon CR 85 in turn represents a premium winter tires for the Ice Touring, which offers exceptional traction properties on ice and snow, mud, slush and wet.

Due to its special rubber compound, the driver can always rely on the superior roadholding of your Avon tire and thereby even save fuel.

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