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Bridgestone B 250 - the perfect companion for small and compact cars

The renowned manufacturer Bridgestone has always been known for its high-quality models. With the Bridgestone B 250 he now has a worthy successor to the popular summer tire designed Bridgestone B 330 EVO, the inferior this in terms of performance and efficiency in anything.

Optimum handling and cutting-edge technologies at the Bridgestone B 250

Bridgestone B250 succeeds the popular B 330 EVO and has been specially developed for the drivers of small and compact cars. Equipped with a sophisticated tread pattern which provides the car tires are an ideal compromise between dry and wet performance, thus proving in all weather conditions and a high convincing mileage. In addition, were used in the production of the Bridgestone B 250 highly modern technology: The computer-optimized design of the tire tread of motorists can benefit inter alia from a significantly reduced rolling noise, which the comprehensive driving comfort still increases a.

Bridgestone - the global players from Japan

Founded in 1931, the renowned tire manufacturer Bridgestone is now one of the major tire manufacturers in the international market. The company, headquartered in Tokyo is known for its high quality models which are suitable inter alia for cars, trucks and agricultural vehicles. Long ago are tires made ​​by Bridgestone as the Bridgestone B 250 produced in addition to the production facilities in Japan and in seven European factories. Noteworthy is the wide range of different car tires, covering both summer and winter tires and all-season models.

The tire manufacturer from Tokyo has long been known around the world for its powerful Pneus. With the Bridgestone B 250 he again introduces a quality summer tire which all quality and safety requirements will to a large degree. Equipped with advanced technologies, he can come up with a totally convincing overall performance and proves itself in very difficult weather conditions a very superior traction and excellent handling.

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