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Everyday sports tires: 185 50 R16 is standard size

They are sporty everyday tires tires 185 50 R16 dimension. Because no one has his life always spend quite seriously and without fun, a bit of power and a bit cheerful sportiness must be calm. And that is why most of the tire models in this size just right.

Sporty safe

One of best athletes in those tires (185 50 R16) is certainly the 9000 SP Sport Dunlop. He is known for many years, even if the models were constantly improved and modernized. His athletic performance is legendary, but next to it is also ideal for everyday use and comes with all road conditions rightly awarded. It is a summer tire with a twist when it once sporty comes to pleasure. A completely different caliber is the ContiPremiumContact of Continental . His cause is rather understated, he masquerades as staid Allerwelts- and everyday tire, at first glance it does not recognize the performance of his profile equal. Its roadholding, even when wet but excellent and awarded in many tests, and in addition to his athletic performance it offers plenty of comfort. And of course safety, but that goes for all tires in this class.

High speeds do not get all the tires

For this reason, many institutions and motoring organizations also lead repeatedly tests, in which the performance of tires will be checked at the border of the maximum permissible speed. With the result that in this area, not all tires actually can keep their performance really. Some models even come here regularly damage after a short time on. And these are not always the budget brands. Extremely high speeds put most tire enormously - and some are not up to these extreme loads long. So you should never go also to tires in 185 50 R16-measure to the limit of the specified speed, or even more. Dear switch to a tire with a higher maximum speed. Tempo 120 on the highway, it will certainly not enter fortunately in the near future.

tires in 185 50 R16 are often well hidden athletes - not just the almost legendary Dunlop SP 9000.


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