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225 55 R18 - high-traction tires with plenty of driving comfort

tires with the dimensions 225 55 R18 are increasingly in the field of ATVs for use. Through its wide contact area to find the tires even in difficult ground conditions sufficient support. In addition, the corresponding tire height for good cushioning.

Special conditions for off-road tires

For off-road vehicles and SUVs other demands on the tires as the valid car . The loading of the off-road tire is through the partly difficult subsoil significantly larger and for all kinds of bumps better damping is required. The focus is therefore in traction, ride comfort and braking performance in different circumstances. The tire dimensions 225 55 R18 offers the right conditions. With a width of 225 mm traction is sufficiently ensured and for driving comfort, makes the tire height of 123,75mm (225 mm * 0.55). Terrain tires are additionally often a reinforced casing and a rim protector.

The Michelin Lattitude Diamaris - safe Fahrvergnüfen with SUV

A good summer tire for SUVs is the Michelin Latitude Diamaris . In particular, the braking performance and handling on wet and dry surfaces impress with excellent results. But in addition to the tire size is also the special profile responsibility which derives water efficiently and ensures through its fins for a better grip. When it comes to ride comfort and mileage tires series achieved a good performance. In EU tire label wet grip is marked with the C class and energy efficiency with E. priced is the Qualitätspneu set by Michelin as the medium to upper price range. Admittance is the tire for a maximum speed of 240 km / h.

The dimensions 225 55 R18 are by their properties especially for SUVs and off-roaders. Offered are summer, winter and all season tires from a variety of manufacturers.

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