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tires 255 65 R16 segment: laufstarke tires for SUVs and off-roaders

For ATVs and SUVs tires 255 65 R16 Dimension are an excellent choice when the emphasis is on traction strength and excellent ride comfort. Thanks particularly wide tread on the tires achieve excellent traction on asphalt and off-road usage. The selection of tires with 255 65 R16 measure is extensive.

Optimal driving characteristics on tarmac and off-road usage

tires with a 255 65 R16 dimensions are mainly of interest for SUVs. The reason is that the tires are designed primarily for use on a good road. The ratio of road to land is on most terrain tires this size 90/10%. Chance also tires with a use ratio of 80/20 or 70/30 are offered. A big advantage of all tires in 255 65 R16 measure is the outstanding ride comfort, which is on offer. The tire height makes 65 percent of the width (165.75 mm) for smooth running. Tires with lower height offer in comparison much less ride comfort.

Comfortable off-road tires for the summer

One of the best off-road tires to its size is the Dynapro HP RA23 from Hankook. When the tire 255 65 R16 Dimension of Pneu Enjoying the performance on dry and wet roads. At the same time reaches summer tires good results in fuel consumption. In EU tire label is showing through a class C labeling in energy efficiency and Class B in the area wet grip. The external rolling noise to convince with a value of 72 decibels.

Comfortable traveling by SUV or off-roader - is due to the tires in 255 65 R16 measure guarantees. Here inspire both the handling and ride comfort. With the series Hankook Dynapro HP RA23 also low fuel consumption is given.

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