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tires in 265 50 R15 Dimension: Sporty performance for off-road vehicles and SUVs

In the field of off-road vehicles and SUVs tires provide the 265 50 R15 dimension for excellent runnability on easy terrain and hard asphalt. Thanks to wide tread and low cross-section have the tires on a strong traction and excellent braking and steering characteristics.

Optimized steering and braking characteristics thanks to its wide tread

tires in 265 50 R15 measure be counted among the wide tires because of their large tire width and the relatively small amount. Apart from an impressive optics that provide off-road tires on mainly absolutely convincing handling and off-road. The wide tread ensures a very good grip, because the rolling resistance particularly large precipitates. A strong grip in turn optimizes handling, braking and traction. In addition, have tires of this size have a good cornering stability. But mainly the tire height responsible, which also ride comfort can not simultaneously be neglected. The choice of tires 265 50 R15-size precipitates very clear.

The Maxxis HT 770 Bravo Series: high-traction off-road tires with distinctive block profile

Designed for off-road vehicles and SUVs, the tire series excited Maxxis HT 770 Bravo Series by an excellent price-performance ratio. Thanks wider tread and pronounced block profile the tires provide maximum driving safety in wet and dry. Depth longitudinal grooves in the tread transport water and slush from efficient, whereby the grip is substantially improved and reduces the risk of aquaplaning. In addition, the tires inspire by high ride comfort and low road noise. The Maxxis summer tires have the speed index H and are therefore approved for speeds of up to 210 km / h.

Good handling characteristics, a powerful look and plenty of comfort make the tires 265 50 R15 dimension an excellent choice. A recommended road tire of this size is the Maxxis HT 770 Bravo Series.


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