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tires 275 60 R15 segment: high-traction tires for SUVs and off-roaders

tires 275 60 R15 dimension are made for SUVs and sporty offroader. On easy terrain and asphalt, the tires feel good and convincing here with an impressive performance.

Maximum traction on easy terrain and on asphalt

Visually act tires with 275 60 R15 measure very powerful, especially by the wide tread. It is best to act on performance SUVs like the Audi Q7 or Porsche Cayenne. The wide tread the road tire also ensures excellent drivability, since it produces a large rolling resistance, which in turn leads to more grip. improve with increasing traction at Pneus traction, steering and braking properties on dry and wet surfaces. For a little extra driving comfort, the tire height is responsible. The following applies: The larger the tire height, the thicker the rubber compound and the more vibrations and shocks are damped. Tires 275 60 R15 segment have a height which is 60 percent of the tire width large. Readings above 50 percent is already delivering calm and pleasant rides on dirt roads and paved roads.

First-class performance in rain and sunshine

With good driving characteristics and an acceptable fuel consumption convince the summer tires of the series General tire Grabber HP . When the tire 275 60 R15-size tires in the EU tire label in the wet adhesion to the class C (AG) are marked. A good value, which stands for short braking distances and precise handling in rain and sunshine. On the topic of road noise show the models from General tire from their good side. With a value of 72 decibels, the GRABBER HP are in the quiet midfield.

Athletic performance on wet and dry asphalt and a smooth running characterize tires 275 60 R15 dimension. Especially SUV owners are well advised with this tire size.


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