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Imperial Car tires - quality budget tires

The qualitative budget tires from the Imperial home are in demand has always been at car owners due to the good handling characteristics and attractive appearance. Also contributing to this favorable price at with of which is on offer at Imperial can convince.

Good runnability and great looks

Imperial Car tires have long been known for its numerous good running properties. All models of the Dutch brand can come up with a good braking and cornering on wet roads, added to the high level of grip and good traction. With Imperial Car tires are therefore guaranteed to be safe and comfortable way. Add to that the attractive appearance of the models, which is also achieved by the latest developments in the field of design. On Imperial expressly confirmed. The company supplies every season new tire sizes, so that the range increases steadily. To meet the high quality requirements in the European market, there are collaborations with several independent test centers.

Quality and Innovation

The Imperial brand belongs to Dutch group Deldo Autobanden, one of the largest tire manufacturers in Europe. Imperial Car tires are popular and because of their high standards and the continuous development of Imperial find in large selection. The fledgling private label was founded in 2011 and can benefit from the wealth of experience of its parent company. No wonder it can nevertheless boast a more than 30-year history of success. In the area of ​​development, distribution and sales of budget tires Deldo is even the leader, who first began in the 1980s with the import from Asia. There are now next to famous exclusive brands like Roadstone, Wanli and Rockstone also a wide range of various private brands as Minerva, Fortuna and Imperial.

The quality budget brand tires Imperial can cope with its many good handling characteristics and the visual appeal all customer needs and requirements. In this case, the young brand will also benefit from the great know-how of the parent company Deldo, which is also known for its high quality budget tires.

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