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Barum Summer Tires - convincing all around

Powerful and high driving stability - Barum summer tires also convince in all categories. Thanks to the consistent price-performance ratio, the tire of the Czech manufacturer are also in the European market particularly in demand - on Barum there is a wide selection of popular models.

Barum summer tires - comprehensive driving pleasure in the hot season

In the Czech Republic the manufacturer Barum summer tires are estimated long. No wonder, since the high directional stability, good steering and braking behavior and the high mileage are the Barum summer tires convincing in many respects. This good performance is complemented by the good directional stability and superb straight-line stability and short braking distances. In addition, the grip thanks to intensive research could be improved once again on dry and wet roads. Barum summer tires also feature a low risk of aquaplaning and a very small rolling resistance. Thanks to the wide range and the numerous available models can be on Barum certainly find a suitable product for almost any vehicle. The Barum summer tires are both trucks are suitable as well for small vehicles. Before buying one should, however, note the manufacturer's instructions with regard to the load index, the width and the Inch size just to find optimum Barum summer tires.

Barum - a Czech company success

For decades, the Czech tire producer Barum is in its sector, one of the most popular providers in this industry. Also on the pan-European market, the company knows how to impress and, thanks to the great demand for an ever wider range of quality Barum summer tires. Since 1993, the manufacturer is part of Germany's Continental AG and was characterized its market share in Germany to expand again. Overall, the products from Barum are considered a very good and cheaper alternative to the models of Continental. These products were summer tires Barum at the production sites in the Czech Republic, together with the skills of Conti. Here of course subject to the same quality control mechanisms that will be used also for the products of Continental. From the good quality of Barum summer tires may be made ​​to Barum convince himself.

The high performance and quality Barum summer tires also convince in all categories. Those looking for summer tires with a good grip and a better overall performance at a reasonable price, which is sure to find it here.

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