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Riken summer tires in top quality

The tire brand Riken looks back on a long history that began in the traditional manufacturers in 1917 as a chemical company in Japan. In the later years, the company took on more activities and began to gain a foothold in the tire industry. In 1979 Riken began with the expansion and distribution in the US and since then enjoys an increasing popularity by satisfied customers. Since then the brand has been adopted by the world famous Micheln Group 1992 the quality of manufactured increases quality vehicle tires steadily.

High quality summer tires Riken

With Riken heard another outstanding brand tires for Michelin group , which is probably the leading manufacturer in the industry worldwide. The Riken summer tires prove the expertise of the brand in terms of quality and high mileage performance of the tires. The tires impress with a unique smoothness and a pronounced longevity. The specially developed profile provide an excellent water repellency and - through their lateral grooves - for a particularly good adhesion. Thus, the tire is also ideal for difficult weather conditions and humidity.

Riken summer tires combine tradition and technology

The traditional brand uses in its production of innovative technologies, which succeeds the producer to offer a particularly good quality for a reasonable price. About the huge distribution network of the Michelin Group Riken summer tires may be sold in more than 170 countries. In addition to tires for cars Riken also produces tires for trucks , vans and transporters. The growing demand for the tire manufacturer this proves that the tires has become a viable alternative in the midst of the established brands.

Rieken summer tires offer an optimal price-performance ratio, which is a good alternative for price-conscious car lovers in any case.


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