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drive safely with a Accelera winter tires during the winter

Winter tires Accelera have a very good grip and are suitable for both snow and ice for. From a tread depth of four millimeters, you should set a new tire to retrieve the full safety potential of these tires. The right size for the tire can be found in the vehicle documents.

The different models of winter tires Accelera

The "Snow" is a winter tire of Accelera, which convinced to all substrates. It is designed for speeds up to 210 Km / hr and up to 615 kg very resilient. The design of the profile smooth running is achieved. The Accelera winter tires is close to the border with the wide tires with an edge height of 55 bar. This winter tires Accelera convince not only the driving characteristics, but also the appearance. Along with attractive rims the positive appearance is emphasized again. Another popular model is the "X-Grip Snow". It is a development from the "Snow" and has similar properties.

The characteristics of winter tires Accelera

The two models "Snow" and "X-Grip Snow" is M + S tires. These are so-called mud and snow tires. come Especially in winter, the advantages to bear. The winter tires Accelera provide in all areas consistently good performance. Both the braking performance, as well as the cornering meets all the requirements. Thus, the winter tires Accelera decisively contributes to safety in.

The winter tires Accelera are the perfect companions for the winter. They impress with a stable performance and a good price / performance ratio. With the models Snow and X-Grip Snow Accelera has two first-class winter tires.

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