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Falken winter tires

Falken winter tires are a safe solution for driving in severe winter conditions. Good adhesion is assured with these tires on wet and snowy road.

Safety in winter with winter tires Falken

Hawk is one of the most renowned tire manufacturer in the world. The Company from Japan develops and produces tires for both road and for the track since 1983. But even tires for SUVs , buses and trucks are part of Assortiments Falken. Experience and knowledge of motorsport have the manufacturer certainly helped to make the tire safer and more efficient for the road. This is evident with every kilometer that is driven with Falken tires. Particularly Falken winter tires have resulted in different tests to be sure. They are, thanks to the latest technology, also known as high-performance tires used. About the quality of Falken winter tires testify numerous tests of tire models, which can be found at

Performance from racing with Falken winter tires

In there are many different tires for all vehicle models. In the small car segment of the Hawks Euro Winter Hs is particularly popular. There is talk of a winter tire, which has been tested on European roads under European winter conditions several times. So came Hawks to the best possible results for the production of an optimal tire. For the slightly larger car models of Falken winter tires is Euro Winter Hs-437 ideally suited. With him to get safely on covered with snow road around every bend. The tire has a reinforced profile that guarantees the necessary adhesion and thus safety during the winter time. The tire also keeps you from 975 kg load, which it is ideally suited for small vans.

Safety is nowhere greater than in racing. Hawks transmits the racing technology to tires for road transport. In are exactly this Falken winter tires on offer.

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