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Winter tires from GT Radial: Good quality at good prices

On winter tires provide motorists especially high demands. In ice and snow, a vehicle with the right winter tires should be controlled safely. Prerequisite for this is an excellent grip and traction between tires and the road, which is not lost even by unfavorable weather conditions. GT Radial winter tires score with these advantageous properties and have moreover an excellent price-performance ratio.

Winter tires of one of the leading tire manufacturers worldwide

With GT Radial winter tires motorists received quality of one of the world's leading tire manufacturer. The brand is ranked among the top 20 international producers and manufactures in factories in China and Indonesia. tires from GT Radial are among the most inexpensive models at Mark, but can impress despite the low costs through their high quality. GT Radial winter tires are in the common customs sizes, fit most wheel sizes and are manufactured for different speed classes.

Winter tires for light trucks and vans

In addition to winter tires for virtually all car models GT Radial has also XL tires for vans and light trucks in the offer. Larger vehicles are equipped with the tire therefore safely on slippery roads. In tests convince the cheap winter tires especially by their good driving characteristics on dry and slightly snowy roads. The sophisticated tread design of the braking distance remains almost constant even in slippery road conditions. Positive even the long life of the tire is rated by many drivers. The low wear comes into being, inter alia, by the specific silicate mixtures, which is used for the manufacture of the tire

For a large number of vehicles used and with good driving characteristics in wintry weathers convince GT Radial winter tires also demanding motorists.

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