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Interstate winter tires: Good grip on ice and snow

The winter - that means ice and snow, slippery roads and slippery road conditions. Many motorists are in this weather does not like to travel because they fear accidents. Good winter tires are definitely a must, so that the car can be steered still safe even on slippery roads. Interstate winter tires provide good handling characteristics and retain even in unfavorable weather conditions nor their grip.

The most important facts about Interstate winter tires

The company Interstate tires existed since 1973. Like all brand tires and Interstate winter tires in Europe are developed. Therefore they meet European safety standards and also have all the necessary certificates in order to be allowed on German roads. The manufacturing facilities are located in China, however, which is why Interstate winter tires can be offered at a very reasonable price. Are produced tires for cars, trucks and vans . Small city cars can be just as big and equip-terrain four-wheel drive with the Interstate winter tires.

Interstate winter tires: The price-performance ratio

Interstate winter tires are now sold in 67 countries. The range comprises seven product lines that meet the diverse requirements. There are models of tires for small cars as well as for sport sedans; depending on the tire model to Interstate be driven snow tires up to speeds of 190 km / h or 240 km / h. The special tread structure also offers on snowy roads a good grip; slipping through the corners is avoided. Due to the low abrasion tires also have a long life. Fuel consumption is also kept low.

Motorists who want in ice and snow safety, benefit from the good safety properties Interstate winter tires.

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