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The Continental ContiSportContact 5 - dynamic summer tire for sporty driving pleasure

Again and again, the experts from developing Continental new high-performance tires that provide maximum driving pleasure with maximum safety. Here, the Continental ContiSportContact 5 place just for pleasure craft use and when braking extremely fast. The exceptionally good traction and grip properties of the Continental ContiSportContact 5 bring it with maximum safety and precision on the road. This is due to its individual design, which adapts to the position of the front and rear axles.

Optimised rolling resistance and perfect steering precision

Novel tread, which are called "Cap" and "Base", get the kinetic energy of the tire, while providing a high driving safety. The "Cap" -Laufstreifen located on the outside and is responsible for short braking distances and good traction on wet roads. The "base" -Laufstreifen on the inside reduces the rolling resistance of the Continental ContiSportContact 5. This leads to fuel savings, which for all Continental summer tires is known. The optimum longitudinal stiffness of the tire, which is essential for perfect steering precision is generated by asymmetric tread ribs and stable, massive central ribs. The steering forces can be transmitted so directly onto the road and increase the sporty handling.

Stable cornering and short braking distances

Thus, the Continental ContiSportContact 5 can be optimally adapted to the road surface, it has massive central ribs and tread blocks flexible in its outer shoulder. Thus, the contact area is increased especially in faster cornering. Thus, providing for maximum stability and optimum grip characteristics, so that even at the edges a comfortable driving is possible. The new compound technology of Continental ContiSportContact 5, which contains so-called racing blacks, ensures even greater stability and faster warming. In this offer, with nanoparticle reinforced polymers more contact with the road surface. Special Grip resins and excellent interlocking profile on dry and wet roads lead to a shorter braking distance and driving safety.

With the Continental ContiSportContact 5 makes driving a sports car only really fun. The tire case is characterized in particular by short braking distances on wet and dry surfaces, its sporty handling and its perfect steering precision. Stability in cornering and superior grip characteristics complement the perfection of Continental summer tire. Even with a car hire , it is advisable to pay attention to this high quality of high-performance tires.

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