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Cooper Discoverer M+S

Cooper discoverer M+S is a premium tire manufacturer brand. The wide range of SUVs and light trucks the discoverer M+S line fits with it, in domestic and foreign countries.

Benefits of Cooper Discoverer M+S:

  • The heavy designed snow grooved technology provides cutting edges for superb ice traction and snow without lessening elements of tread stiffness.
  • Sipe technology which is also called as ‘D SQUARED’ raises winter performance and maintains excellent wet traction on high level.
  • Blocky tread and saw tooth centre circumferential rib raises tread wear and even stability.
  • The tire pressure is evenly distributed by optimized tire profiles and has a perfect shape. It also distributes contact pressure for balanced tread wear.
  • The stud retention is enhanced by the strategically placed stud in pin holes it also does the work of delivering optimum traction on ice.

Features of Cooper Discoverer M+S:

  • The venting technology that is used in the manufacturing of the M+S discoverer moulds and incorporates with it. That eliminates and extracts micro-vents in the tread area of the tire.
  • The crisp, clean, sharp premium quality appearance is provided by the vent less technology used in the tire for the awesome performance.
  • The carbon black and chemically coupled silica mixture provides wonderful wet traction and handling of the breaks on the highway where the ride is in a super high speed. These are the tread compounds.
  • The highly activated and super aggressive terrain all designs are established to give outstanding performance in off-road and on-road in both conditions of the road it is highly applicable in driving applications.
  • The tread designs that are super aggressive specifically improves traction of off-road without hitting the performance of a ride on highway.
  • The rolling resistance and wet traction increases by the wet tread compound.

Cooper discoverer M+S body:

Cooper discoverer M+S is a super active tire that carries high load of a truck and is manufactured and designed for every vehicle. It is aggressively fast and works best on wet and snowy road. Its body is made with steel belts that carries high load and gives the vehicle super-fast speed by crashing all the hurdles of the road.

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