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Cooper Discoverer STT

Cooper Discoverer STT is the name of exceptional performance in the harsh weathers and terrains around the globe. Its unique tread design and compound are wonderful in their on-road performance without any compromise on off-road traction. Silica tread compound, side biter, and 3-Ply Armor-Tek3 have been wrapped up in this wonderful mud terrain tire. It shows extra ordinary traction that makes it one of the super performer tires in the market and you will discover what you really deserved in terms of benefits and features.

Flex groove in Cooper Discoverer STT dampens the impact created by the inconsistencies in gravel, potholes, and pavement. Specially designed side biters on the shoulders of sidewall enhance the grip and traction. Inner tread ribs have been intended to provide increased stability, reduced road noise, mud traction, and super soft surface traction. The combination of high technology and comfort make this tire your choice.

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