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Cooper Lifeliner GLS: all-season tires with long life

In the US, Cooper is considered as a manufacturer of tires and has primarily with tires for off-road area made ​​a name. In Europe, the car tire manufacturer are also popular. This includes the Cooper Lifeliner GLS, an all-season tire which saves the change from summer tires to winter tires and vice versa.

Robust tread compounds for any weather

All-season tires can be a practical and cost effective alternative to semi-annual tire change. The challenge for producers is to develop tires that can offer high temperatures, rain and wet roads and snow and ice Paroli simultaneously. For the Cooper Lifeliner GLS therefore come specially developed tread compounds used. These included a high proportion of silica, are not too hard to order winter to ensure a comfortable ride, and not too soft, so that they deform in summer only slightly. As a result, the Cooper Lifeliner GLS uses only slowly, the profile ensures over several seasons away a high security.

The Cooper Lifeliner GLS:-duty tires for the middle class

The name Cooper Lifeliner GLS program: The tire presents itself particularly durable and thus economical. The symmetric tread design with multiple longitudinal ribs ensures good drainage. In addition, the profile design enables stable road holding and a firm grip even on snowy roads. The Cooper Lifeliner GLS is available in different dimensions available and is especially suitable for cars of the middle class. The individual variants are suitable for rims 13-17 inches. The Speed ​​Class T limits the maximum speed to 190 km / h.

The Cooper Lifeliner GLS has been designed for long trips and high mileage. According robust are treads and profile. Durable and secure the all-weather tire is a reliable alternative to summer and winter tires.

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