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Hawks Euro Winter HS449: The specialist for icy roads

In winter often snow and ice cover the roadway. A security risk - who now without winter tires is on the way, risking accidents and in case of damage to insurance coverage. The Hawks Euro Winter HS449 is a powerful winter tires, which is affordable for a smaller budget. The M + S symbol indicates that this tire is also suitable for driving on snow and slush.

Strong performance on icy roads

The Hawks Euro Winter HS449 is manufactured in Japan. In the German winter can car tires from Falken exist. In ADAC winter tire test he even gets top marks for its handling on ice. Smooth roads provide for the Hawks Euro Winter HS449 so no problem. Even at first glance are not evident hazards like freezing drizzle masters of the Japanese winter tires with flying colors. On dry and wet roads the Hawks Euro Winter HS449 can also prove.

Good grip and temperature resistant treads

Falcon uses a newly developed tread compound for the Hawks Euro Winter HS449. This contains a high proportion of silica, a material that ensures high temperature stability. The profile is directional and is characterized by deep ribs and slats. This lead to a good grip on snowy and icy roads. Great is the range of vehicles that can be driven with the Hawks Euro Winter HS449. The car tire is available in a variety of dimensions, including a winter tire for vans . The speed limit corresponds depending on the model of the speed class H (210 km / h) or V (240 km / h).

In tests can convince the hawks Euro Winter HS449 by his performance on ice. Even in everyday life, the Hawks Euro Winter HS449 presented as very suitable for winter conditions.

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