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Federal SS- 595

Federal SS-595 is a summer tire. It is specifically designed for the summer and to beat the extremely hot weather’s hardships and to keeps its work continues even in the super-hot weather. It is a highly demanded summer tire from the famous tire maker brand federal which also sponsor tire in summer racing sports competition. The advance technology used in the making of this tire enables it to run on miles of miles distance without any hurdle of crashing, burning and puncturing in the highly hot weather.


In the manufacturing of the SS-595 the high quality heat resistant compounds are used that protects the tire from burning during race sports competition that held in hot weather.


The federals highly successful UHP, The former SS-595 reorganized and refinished with more advanced technology. The little technical changes have been made to make the performance of the tire better by FTC for the tire to beat in the competition. Performance driven, combat bred designed and rebuilt for the performance of flat-out tire. No any other tire has this much smooth grip that this tire of Federal SS-595 model has. It is manufactured to provide the basic and necessary comfort to the drivers of daily routine, who drive the vehicle on a long distance.

The innovative silica compounds and aggressive v-shaped tread maximizes and increases the level of adhesion on higher level.

The ultimate control in brakes and in acceleration is given by the aquaplaning and it also gives the car smooth and fast speed.

Federal SS-595 SUPER STEEL:

  • IT IS awesome tire for the money, fitted to discovery td5, last for 32thousand miles, great grip in the wet and dry anything.
  • For the price and performance, this is a great buy. It gives the same performance even after the use over 15 months both on and off-road. It is highly recommended and highly demanded tire for summer.
  • It is absolutely horrendous tires. These tires on the rear, they are expected to be pretty mediocre except much to surprise they are OKAY in the dry a small bend.

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