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Firestone Winterhawk 3

Firestone winterhawk 3 tire is launched offering high-level balanced winter performance. This tire is being offered in mid-price tire segment. Comparatively, it's giving better performance on even Firestone winterhawk 2. Firestone winterhawk 3 comes with more innovative design that provides more traction on snow road, thus giving better ice grip and wet road performance along with 30% improvement on wear. Winterhawk 3 strengthens the tire with its very competitive and balanced winter performance. This tire provides long wear life.


Firestone winterhawk 3 tire's key features are as follows:

Better performance on snow and ice:

Firestone winterhawk 3 gives you the better winter performance on road than Winterhawk 2 tire. Firestone engineers redesigned the tread pattern on tire. New pattern have constant shoulder-to-shoulder tread depth. And it has greater number of blocks featuring multiple lamellen sipe technologies along with high silica compound with NanoPro-technology. These technologies keeps the compound flexible in cold temperatures. This technology with its improved traction on loose compact snow, give 10% better winter performance and give more grip on ice. This treading scheme depth with high transversal groove volume raises water and slush evacuation efficiency. This scheme improves hydroplaning and slush resistance as compared to Winterhawk 2 Evo.

Efficient Fuel:

With the use of dynamic footprint analysis, Firestone is using its stiffness optimization technologies to extend tire life and mileage. Testing on winterhawk 3 shows 30% wear improvement compared to winterhawk 2.

Road Grip:

Winterhawk 3 have Firestone's sipe retention design, which prolongs sipe efficiency over tire life. It gives much grip on frozen surfaces giving fine ride that Driver's rating regarding this tire is much high. This tire is helping drivers in many European countries where 3 or 4mm tread depth regulations are introduced. Thus snow platform gives 4mm tread depth mark. EU tire label grading gives more than moderate on wet grip on this tire and A little high than low for rolling resistance. Winterhawk 3’s targeted market is young and family drivers who want safe and smooth ride in winter on snow or wet roads.

Lighter, quieter and more fuel efficient

Firestone winterhawk 3 has been engineered to be lighter by upto 6% than the previous designs, and 2% more fuel-efficient. Its engineering was more focused on it to be quieter and offering a full decibel improvement in pass-by-noise.

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