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Goodyear Excellence summer tires with many advantages

Three advantages at once want to offer summer tires Goodyear Excellence series: Motorists should convince the good handling on wet surfaces, firstly, on the other hand the very low tread wear and low vibration and noise. Good test results confirm the performance of summer tires.

Secure tire for all weather conditions

Anyone interested in brand tires Goodyear decides benefits from years of experience in tire manufacturing. The first tires for racing cars brings the US company in 1916 on the market. To date, the brand has made a name with powerful summer and winter tires. In summer, the Goodyear Excellence tires meet all claims that may have on his set of tires a driver. Thoughtful Sillica mixtures remain dimensionally stable at high temperatures; the car can be even on wet roadways easily control, the braking distance is extended when wet barely. Through its good handling the Goodyear Excellence tires are the perfect complement to Goodyear winter tires .

Goodyear Excellence summer tires for many vehicle types

High reliability on dry roads, safe braking in wet conditions - these properties are confirmed in various tests. So is the Goodyear Excellence as winner of the Auto Zeitung and also cuts in the summer tire test of Auto Bild thoroughly. Quiet rolling noise and high ride comfort like the testers also. Goodyear Excellence summer tires there are also many different types of vehicles. The different sizes and inch speed classes ensure broad applicability.

As positive as the Goodyear Excellence tires notice in test situations, as well as they prove themselves in everyday life. For all summery weather they are a good choice.

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