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GT Radial Champiro HPY - a champion for the road

The summer tires GT Radial Champiro HPY wants its drivers offer excellent performance: Outstanding grip, high stability and low rolling noise are just some of the advantages that the tire is applied from the house of GT Radial. It mainly include drivers of vans and heavy cars for the target group: The GT Radial Champiro HPY is mainly in XL variants with increased load capacity.

Asymmetric profile and temperature-resistant rubber compounds

The GT Radial Champiro HPY is characterized by an asymmetric tread design. The center tread blocks wide, the central midrib ensure high stability when driving straight ahead and for excellent steering response. As many as four grooves are intended to drain water and to offer on wet roads a reliable aquaplaning. Since summer tires have to cope with very high temperatures, used GT Radial for its tires series special tread compounds with a high proportion of silica. These provide an excellent grip and a long service life.

Expert fast pace

Can the GT Radial Champiro HPY now hold in practice what it promises? Test to confirm a secure and reliable performance on dry road, even at high speeds. The GT Radial Champiro HPY also boasts a low rolling resistance and low rolling noise. On wet roads, he shows solid and holds even in heavy rain the track. Available the GT Radial Champiro HPY is available in various dimensions, suitable for rims 17-20 inches. The different models meet the speed classes between V and Y - the smaller versions may therefore up to 210 km / h, larger even be driven up to 300 km / h.

High reliability even at top speed: The GT Radial Champiro HPY like to be an expert on sports trips by heavy vehicles.

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