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GT Radial tires: The tires with class.

GT Radial is one of the most successful tire manufacturers in the world due to the durability of the tire. The high ride comfort plays a very vital role. The tires are manufactured in 7 different-art production facilities. Everyone can take advantage of the buyer of the tire of the experience and the know-how of an international tire manufacturer.

GT Radial boasts many years of experience

GT Radial offers summer tires , winter tires and all-season tires for cars and tires for vans and lorries on. Alone by the tire of GT Radial distinguish because few manufacturers offer for the entire vehicle fleet tire. The GT Radial tires are exposed by TÜV Nord rigorous tests to ensure that they are also all requirements in Europe meet. The rolling resistance and noise at all GT Radial tires are more than excellent.

GT Radial in motorsport

GT Radial tires are also in motorsport very popular and come here also increasingly used. It just sat rally drivers on the tires, as this optimal even during fast cornering grip offer. However, the tires are not only in motorsports, but also offered to customers worldwide. own line through the many years of experience in motorsport, these tires for all vehicles. By offered winter tires also no one needs to renounce a comfortable ride in the winter.

Since GT Radial Motorsport and conventional driving comfort unite, the tires are suitable for this manufacturer for each driving pleasure. Whether it involves tight corners or on the motorway. With these tires makes driving even more fun and at the same time it also has a bit of security in the tires.

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