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Hercules tire - Quality and Tradition

Hercules tire & Rubber, a traditional company from the US, provides high-quality tires ago for different needs. The extensive range of the tire manufacturer Hercules are summer, winter and all season tire for all vehicle types.

Hercules - one of the pioneering brands in tire production

The history of the tire manufacturer Hercules began in the 1950s. The American company was named after Hercules (or Heracles), the mythical strong hero from ancient Greece. Very quickly, the tire manufacturer Hercules has conquered with its products on the world market and enjoys high international prestige. The tire manufacturer Hercules is a global player, which today looks back on a long 6 decades of success. The company's headquarters Hercules tire & Rubber is located in Findlay, Ohio. In many countries around the world, from Dubai to Malta, the company branch have now been opened. The tire manufacturer Hercules is one of the leading brands in the application of innovative technologies. The Hercules tire always show the best test results. Hercules tires are characterized by their long life (up to 65 thousand. Km), with its modern design, which ensures a particularly high level of comfort, and by the high level of safety on heavy stretch out. The company Hercules tire & Rubber can be from the outset guided by some important principles: The customer always comes first; Honesty and openness have high value; Only the best quality comes into question.

Hercules tire: a wide range

The company has more than 40 product lines in its program: They range from car tires for everyday driving on race tires for sports cars and particularly resistant Hercules tires for heavy goods vehicles to the Hercules tires for agricultural use. Hercules also provides SUV tires for off-road are well suited. From this tire manufacturers va summer and winter tires are produced, but also weather tires belong to the product range. Car tires from Hercules have a compelling price / performance ratio and a very good grip on the road. Tires Hercules show both on dry road and wet conditions very good driving characteristics. The tire manufacturer Hercules used in the manufacture of tires new computer technologies, including for the optimal profile design. The tread grooves of Hercules tires provide good drainage and thus that the risk of aquaplaning is minimal. Summer and winter tires of Hercules secure a high level of comfort, ensuring safe driving in all weather conditions. Even with snow and ice on the road the winter tires of Hercules fail not. The stable off-road car tires keep even the most severe haul stood. Tires for Autosport are extremely well suited for driving fast in the steep curves. Car tires from the manufacturer Hercules show up in everyday life - when driving to work or the shops, as well as long and difficult routes equally well.

Hercules - Tradition and pioneering technologies

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