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Maxtrek: tires from unused promoted

The tire brand Maxtrek is not old. Just five years, the company so far in the market. During this time there have those responsible, however, managed to write a great track record, so the house is also repeatedly referred to as "the climber". For good this comes especially German customers.

Maxtrek profile

Like so many other tire manufacturers also Maxtrek manufactures its models in China. Here the company has built in 2007. huge factory buildings with a size of 80,000 square meters, to bake as many tires as quickly and as low as possible. The prices of Maxtrek tires are convincing because of this and are repeatedly cited as one of the strengths of the brand. At the same time the house has but laid from the first day great importance not only to bake ripe for the needs of Chinese drivers, but also for the drivers on their actual target market: Europe. So has the house next models of cars and light trucks tires , which are especially tailored to our continent.

Maxtrek tires and Germany

The aim of the brand is to help drivers with their products here, "to survive bad weather conditions". German driver can thereby feel particularly safe, because the company maintains in some respects a very close connection to the German market. The Maxtrek tires are tested mainly with cars from German manufacturers. For this reason, they are extremely well tailored to their particular characteristics. Who a German car drives, in this way makes nothing wrong.

The Maxtrek brand has only existed since 2007, but the tires are becoming increasingly popular because they convince through special quality. The house itself is keen to be able to help drivers especially in bad weather. Halter German cars should also draw therefore the mark, because these tests its tires primarily with models from German manufacturers.

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