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Michelin City Grip: all-season tires for large-displacement scooters

The nightmare for scooter riders, the wet street, the cobblestones or pavement marking loses a Michelin City Grip its horrors. The specially developed for Scooter blade technology PST (Progressive Sipe Technology) provides grip in every situation.

Liability in every position for the scooter

The City Grip of Michelin is specially developed for scooters with more than 125 cubic centimeters. The PST-slat profile (Progressive Sipe Technology) ensures safety, especially in the wet and cold weather. The Michelin City Grip can of course be driven all year. The fins of the tires extend down to the profile base and may even close the wear limit, effectively break the water film. To minimize the risk of it sliding in an inclined position in the wet, especially many active fins are present on the shoulder of the tire. Renowned manufacturers of scooters sit on the motorcycle winter tires . In scientific journals the Michelin City Grip has been tested intensively. The testers found after a thousand kilometers of testing no problems. Furthermore, the unique performance, the accurate handling, combined with excellent directional stability, and stability is praised when braking.

Even in winter driving on a scooter

The Michelin City Grip there from the Winter Season 2013 as a model with M + S marking. This can be effective, the vane technology even in wintry road conditions. The profile has been optimized for snow and wet. Michelin is very proud that Piaggio used the scooter MP3 with the City Grip in the initial. The advantages of Michelin tires: - He is an outspoken rain expert. - It is used by the most famous scooter manufacturers as original equipment. - It is available in a wide selection of dimensions.

With the new blade technology PST the Michelin City Grip is ideally suited to withstand the hazards of wet roads, slippery cobblestones or markings on the road. As evidence of its performance of the tire has been selected by Piaggio to equip his bestselling MP3 so.

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