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Michelin Cross Terrain - summer tires for SUVs

The name indicates it already: The Michelin Cross Terrain is designed for riders, which is driving on paved roads too little. Anyone who owns a SUV, wants its off-road capabilities, and of course once test. The off-road tires from Michelin , however, proved not only off-road surfaces, but has a very comfortable ride on tarmac on.

Durable treads

As initial the Michelin Cross Terrain SUV comes with some manufacturers for use, among other things, at Ford or General Motors. When off-road tires, of course, he needs special tread compounds, they provide a responsive handling both on asphalt and on the trail. A high proportion of silica results in a very high stability. The profile is very deep, so that the mud and wet roads do not affect the grip of the Michelin Cross Terrain. Even in light snow show Pneus high traction, although the Michelin Cross Terrain no proven winter tires is.

SUV tire with pleasant driving experience

Among the offroad summer tires , the Michelin Cross Terrain shows a particularly versatile: On paved roads drive SUVs as comfortable as any car with him. Particularly quiet road noise and a low rolling resistance contribute to the pleasant driving experience. With a high driving and cornering stability, the Michelin Cross Terrain also can easily control in all weather conditions. The tire series includes models for wheels 16-18 inch size, which are approved for speeds of S and T. Thus the Michelin Cross Terrain with a top speed of either 180 or 190 km / h can be ridden.

For SUVs, the move both in the field as well as on the road, the Michelin Cross Terrain is a safe choice. A balanced handling and low rolling noise make for a comfortable ride.

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