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Michelin Latitude Sport

Are you driving Porsche or Audi and want durable, safe, and smooth runner tires for it? Michelin Latitude Sport will meet all of your needs while you will be paying very economical price. That is why, these tires are the choice of best vehicle manufacturers of the world who want the tires matched with the high performance of their vehicles.

Michelin Latitude Sport tires have been designed to perform high. Its features are same that of great Pilot® Sport PS2™ tire as it has the same tread compounds and tread pattern that delivers the maximum performance on dry surface. You will feel confident when you run your vehicle on very high speed. These tires will keep your vehicle crisp and stable as FAZ technology has been employed in to reinforce filaments under the tread. In short, it is great summer tire with efficiency, durability, and super control on the vehicle.

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