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Michelin Latitude Tour HP: Comfortable off-road tires

Always go just down the street - some that's just too boring. SUVs and other SUVs require only too happy to leave the paved roads. An off-road and 4x4 tires with a particularly high level of comfort is the Michelin Latitude Tour HP. The French tire manufacturer Michelin has designed the tires specially for summer driving long distances in the field.

Low noise and vibration

The Michelin Latitude Tour HP can impress with a particularly long service life. This off-road tires survive the harsh conditions of off-road over a long period, they require particularly robust treads and a specially tuned tread design. The Michelin Latitude Tour HP can come up with these two features. In addition, the summer tires provides for the grounds its drivers a high comfort: Compared to its predecessor, noise and vibrations have been reduced by five percent. The Michelin Latitude Tour HP therefore runs as quiet as on the asphalt road off the slopes.

Low wear for long service

The profile can score by a strong traction in uneven terrain. The grip is also on muddy paths receive, the driving of the car is not affected. The symmetrical, non-directional tread wears out, thanks to the rugged treads off very slowly. With wet the tires get very clear: Four circumferential longitudinal ribs and X-shaped arranged slats divert water reliably. The Michelin Latitude Tour HP fits rims 17-20 inches and is available in various dimensions.

Asphalt, forest paths, muddy terrain: The Michelin Latitude Tour HP proven under all these conditions. The offroad summer tires can be used in many ways and convinces particularly by its high level of comfort.

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