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Michelin Pilot Alpin - innovative and strong and

This model is also the owner of high-performance vehicles satisfy without difficulty. For the Michelin Pilot Alpin boasts a high-quality and innovative technology so that this winter tires proves to be particularly strong and powerful.

Outstanding traction and optimum handling

The Michelin Pilot Alpin has been developed for particularly high performance cars and proves at any time its high running strength. Armed with specific VTS lamellae, this can winter tires from Michelin come up with many good running properties, so that excellent performance is guaranteed at all times. This is particularly due to the asymmetrically-shaped profile and the many slats of Michelin Pilot Alpin, which ensure optimum water drainage and high aquaplaning resistance. Due to the increased contact area and higher stability can also benefit from excellent traction even on snow-covered roads and optimum handling even in high speed ranges.

Michelin - the cult brand from France

Michelin has long since developed into one of the most iconic brands in the tire sector and is hardly an integral part not only of the European everyday. And with good reason: All Michelin tires can score with a high performance and an excellent quality, so that hardly any wish unfulfilled. Moreover the wide range of different models that are suitable for almost every type of vehicle. Thus it is easy to find a suitable tire conforming to the respective needs and desires.

The Michelin Pilot Alpin renowned manufacturers from France brings again a powerful tire for winter on the market, who knows how to convince in all respects. This is mainly due to the advanced technologies, and the sophisticated profile of this model, so that a high mileage and excellent traction are given at any time. In terms of handling, this tire completely convincing, which makes every drive more safely and comfortably.

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