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The Michelin Pilot Power is a high quality tire for powerful motorcycles

The Michelin Pilot Power is a high quality motorcycle tire with excellent handling characteristics and is counted in the category of super sports tires. Tire tester judged that the Michelin Pilot Power fits very well as motorcycle tires for R 6 and similarly powerful motorcycle models. For important tire testing of motorcycle journals such as "motorcycle" section of the Michelin Pilot Power from good to very good reviews and was recommended by motorcycle fans always for sale.

Pilot Power provides easy handling and precise steering characteristics

Pilot Power allows an agile, sporty driving and also convincing in tire tests especially when cornering by excellent grip and stability. The tire testers certify the motorcycle tires very good handling with precise steering characteristics on wet and dry road. The characteristics of the Michelin Pilot Power enable a sporty driving style, which ensures to reach from border areas of uniform stability and vehicle control.

Much grip for secure handling in curves

As the percentage of grooves is less than 12% of the tread of the Michelin Pilot Power, provides the tire to the driver especially a lot of grip available. With its tire-based blend of synthetic rubber and the special tire design, the manufacturer counts Michelin pilot power to the Super Sport tire so-called. Particularly positive reviews received the Michelin Pilot Power for its good handling in wet conditions, with very sporty driving, cornering, and in dry conditions.

Pilot Power was in numerous tests as a high quality all-season tires concerned for motorcycles for its good performance with a lot of grip several times with good grades. His all-round properties provide excellent handling characteristics on wet and dry roads. According to the judgment of tire testers of the Michelin Pilot Power goes particularly well with motorcycles of higher displacement classes.

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