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Michelin Pilot Sport 3 - the perfect tire for performance sedans and sporty cars

The Michelin brand has long been known around the world and stands for high quality tires that can score in every respect. This also applies to the Michelin Pilot Sport 3, one of the many high-quality tires from Michelin .

Improved water drainage and excellent handling

Million customers around the world appreciate the quality of the French tire manufacturer Michelin tires. No wonder all the models can still scattered with good handling characteristics. This also applies to the Michelin Pilot Sport 3, which enables an effective break and an optimal partitioning of the water film, thanks to its special tread pattern. Thus, the drainage can further be improved and the risk of aquaplaning is reduced. The shorter braking distance on wet roads is also ensured excellent handling - even in curves. For this, the "Anti-Surf-system", which makes the adhesion even in humid or wet awarded ensures. Moreover, the French manufacturer with the Michelin Pilot Sport 3 has a summer tire developed, bearing the internal "GREEN X" mark for the first time. With this, the environmental friendliness of this model is additionally underlined because the tire reduces CO2 emissions and contributes to a further reduction in fuel consumption.

Michelin - world famous and renowned

The French tire manufacturer Michelin can look back on a 120-year history of success. founded by two brothers, André and Edouard Michelin in Clermont-Ferrand in 1889, the company was able to expand rapidly. This is also a result of tireless research and development, through which the Michelins are equipped with countless innovative technologies. And the success gives the company right: By now are Michelin summer tires in all European automakers widespread.

The Michelin Pilot Sport 3 is with its excellent cornering and braking performance as well as the further improved drainage guarantees a completely safe ride. In addition, fuel consumption is reduced in this model again and reduced CO2 emissions.

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