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The Mitas E 09: an Enduro tires for off-road

The Enduro tires Mitas E 09 is a budget tire, which is particularly suitable for the terrain. Nevertheless, the road-legal tire also offers excellent handling characteristics on asphalt.

The tire for your Enduro

The Mitas E 09 is an Enduro tires . It is ideal for the predominant use in the railing, but also on the road a good adhesion. It is made for different dimensions. The Mitas E 09 is also available in the execution Dakar. This version is more comfortable and suitable for particularly tough terrain and the Rally use. The Mitas 09 Dakar can also be driven on long distance trips or driving tours in the area and lost on the road, no its good properties a.

The Enduro tires Mitas E 09 for your motorcycle travel

For road-going bikes is cheap motorcycle tires Mitas E 09 the ideal companion. Thanks to its well-designed profile makes an off-road driving as much fun as on the road but also the security is not neglected. Duch its special rubber compound of Mitas E stands out clearly from 09 other tires in its class. He is on the European market a very popular enduro tires.

The Mitas E 09 is flexible enough to easily switch between road and off-road back and forth can. With its extremely long life he makes his driver last a lifetime and easy on the wallet. The Mitas Pneu is a high quality tire at a very fair price. The manufacturer BARUM-Mitas can look back on 20 years of experience in the Motarradreifenherstellung - You therefore put your trust an expert in this field.

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