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The Mitas EF 07 - Enduro tires for extreme terrain

By Mitas EF 07 obtained a motorcycle summer tires , the all terrain adapts perfectly. The company Mitas belongs to one of the leading tire manufacturers, which are also dedicated to the construction of tires for motorcycles. The Mitas EF 07 is a typical off-road tire which provides on any terrain good grip.

Improved grip on any surface

This Mitas tires convinces through its slim design which will benefit especially beginners through better handling. The rough profile is well suited for a soft surface, that is on sand and mud. Likewise, the Mitas EF 07 developed still a decent grip on grass and gravel. It is also ideally suited to extreme terrain. Slippery stones in streambeds, extreme lateral gradients on a slope or forest tracks with many roots, ask for this enduro tire no difficulty is. However, even this off-road tire has a street legal and proves equally good driving on paved roads.

Mitas EF 07 - latest technology

In this motorcycle tire of Mitas The latest technology was used, both in the construction of the tire, as well as the mixture of the treads. The design of the profile and the excellent rubber compound to ensure a proper control and excellent grip on all surfaces. The Mitas EF 07 has been designed specifically for Enduro and has been produced in two sizes and colors. His ability had already been made at the International during the race.

Anyone looking for a tire that will perform all the terrain and an excellent grip provides, should 07 see the Mitas EF more closely. In production, the latest trends in the development of motorcycle tires have been observed for off-road area for off-road driving is also fun. Beginners and professionals can rely on this tire compound.

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