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Motorcycle Ganzjahresreifen

Wintry weather conditions, the riders of motorcycles with major problems. If the roads are covered with snow or ice, so offer Bikes hardly grip on the road. To counter the problem, at least partially, manufacturers have started for several years trying to develop winter and all-season tires that are specially designed for bad weather conditions. This does not mean that now can be driven safely.

Therefore Motorcycle Ganzjahresreifen

Until some years ago there was for the use of motorcycle tires no statutory rules, as the drivers know it by car. The legislature considered that motorcycles are not winter-suitable vehicles in general. Nevertheless, many motorcyclists are in winter go and make it happen numerous accidents. Thus, the same legal framework was created for motorcycles as it is common in cars. In wintry conditions tire with M + S symbol (all season tires) or snowflake symbol (winter tires) must now be raised. If this is not the case, the driver threatened 40 euros fine and a point in Flensburg. The double penalty is recognized when a wrong frosted motorcycle leads to traffic congestion. No matter with which tire a motorcycle is equipped, completely sure it will never be on the road in winter. For this, the bearing surface of the tires is too low, complex profiles for water and snow displacement can not exert their effect on the asphalt. So it goes in motorcycle Ganzjahresreifen more about reducing the risk of falls. For this, the existing models were developed and provided with special rubber compounds and incorporated fibers. The profile has been designed for a better displacement of snow and ice. It is a somewhat greater slip resistance and a safer driving behavior achieved and also respected the legal framework. Unlike pure winter tires motorcycle Ganzjahresreifen must not be changed twice a year, but offer only a small safety benefit to normal motorcycle tires.

Types and manufacturers

As the market for motorcycle Ganzjahresreifen is still relatively young, the choice is rather limited in this segment. Also, the regulation about which tire is suitable for winter and what not, is not yet mature, so there are major differences in safety standards. Some motorcycle Ganzjahresreifen the same materials are used, such as for summer tires, and only the profiles are designed a bit more generous. The legal framework is complied with it, but many safety advantages not bring these models. Who wants to be on the roads probably should resort to the more expensive models from renowned manufacturers.

In the segment of the motorcycle season tires are manufacturer Michelin , Pirelli , Mefo Sport , Continental and Heidenau leader and have several models on offer. Many other major manufacturers such as Bridgestone or Dunlop , there is currently no M + S tires.

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