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Chopper vs. Cruiser

Chopper tires can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These tires can be built to be very specific purpose like snow tires, all year round tire, terrain specific, performance-driven or simply to keep you on the road. Chopper tires have different widths and some cases different rim sizes. The front tire is designed to help steer the bike while the rear tire delivers all the power of the engine to the road. The rear tires can be significantly larger in size.

With custom built bikes the size difference can be easily distinguished. The larger the size of the tire the more surface is there is in contact with the road. This can help the bike to go up to and maintain higher speeds. Wider tires can help switch lanes faster on the highway without dropping speed.

Cruiser tires are designed to give the best handling to a motorcycle. A set of tires will have the front and rear tire’s width very close to each other. For altered or modified motorcycles the width will change according to the new hardware.

Cruiser motorcycle tires are made to go all day, for long hauls or road trips. The biggest limitation in both chopper and cruiser tires is that they are meant to be used on the road. Now chopper tires are a broad range of tires in which there is terrain specific version. Cruiser tires are made to stick to the road and not the dirt tracks.

Selecting the right tire

The best cruiser tires for you depends on what sort of use they will be subjected to. Certain tires are better suited for highway use while others flourish in urban terrain. Just like car tires, there is a lot of work put into the tread wear, spine support, and sidewall design.

Best motorcycle tires for cruisers are a combination of budget, need, and requirement. If you want tires that last a couple of years, Dunlop is a very good option. For a very performance driven motorcycle, Pirelli and Michelin should be the brands in mind. Both these brands channel a lot of resources into reducing the environmental impact of their tires, and in doing so, they are making tires that are less damaging to the environment and to human health.

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