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Enduro Tires

Enduro tires are a range of performance tires. Different manufacturers have different models which are part of the Enduro line. The different models vary in function and fitting. Enduro tires are built for competition purposes and should never be used for highway use. The tires are softer to allow them to absorb more impact. Improved traction is a major area of focus, and the tires will have a rigid spine to reduce the chances of the tire morphing.

The raised treads are generously spread across the outer side of the tire. Unlike another motorcycle tire, the raised treads are very close to the rim so in case the motorcycle leans too much to one side there is enough traction to keep the bike stable. Enduro tires are built for the purpose of racing to maximize the grip of the tire without increasing the friction. Most tire manufacturers add compounds to the tire that help increase its puncture resistance. As the tire needs to traverse different terrains the rubber needs to be sturdy enough to take a hit.

Where to buy Enduro tires?

Enduro motorcycle tires can be purchased from large retail stores and through the manufacturer’s website. The website mostly has a dealership locator and can have the information about an authorized online vendor. Companies like Michelin, Bridgestone, and Pirelli all have models in the Enduro line. The tires made by these brands are on the more expensive end of the scale. Their value for money comes from the performance-driven construction of the tires.

Events like competition races provide an ideal environment for testing out such tires and ultimately is about the company’s bragging rights. Shinko, Dunlop, and Kenda all produce Enduro tire variation that is more affordable. The quality between the two ends of the scale is immense. Although Dunlop falls with Shinko and Kenda price wise, on the performance scale if Shinko is average and Michelin is the best, the Dunlop tire is somewhere in the middle.

Finding the right tire

The best Enduro tires for competition would be the Michelin IIIE. The tires are designed to be competition ready while focusing on ride comfort. The added impact absorption incorporated to make the ride more comfortable dampens vibrations making it easier to steer the bike. Going over rough, large rocks becomes a little more bearable as the tire’s flexibility allows it to maneuver over rough terrain easier. The best Enduro tires for a motorcycle depends on what use they are needed for. Recreational use can call for a very sturdy tire or a cheaper, short lasting version.

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