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High-quality Michelin motorcycle tires

The roots of the world-famous Michelin Group date back to the year 1889th With the development of the demountable tire began an incredible history of the company. As early as 1906 the company had 4,000 employees. Its innovative potential for tire manufacturers reserve today and thrilled the audience again and again with new and modern ideas, there were record mileages, fuel-efficient tires or a huge load, as in the tires for the giant A380.

Innovative Michelin motorcycle tires

Michelin impressed with his tires in the segment of motorcycle tires . The traditional French tire manufacturer offers in all motorcycle segments matching biker tires. This applies to the touring, cruiser, enduro class as well as for high-performance sport bikes and racing. Developed using the latest technologies special tire profiles provide the best handling characteristics in all conditions. This applies both to road surfaces to road transport as well as in the ground demanding offroad tours. The Michelin motorcycle tires are a reliable partner in any situation.

Innovation and Security

Since the tire producer has followed the motorcycle history literally, the tire specialist always puts in his developments in maximum safety. His innovations set trends in the tire business and leave the competition often look pale. A special commitment takes the World Group but also in the field of environmental protection true. Like no other manufacturer uses Michelin to environmentally responsible production and to the design of vehicle tires with optimum environmental performance, reduce fuel consumption to a minimum.

In Michelin motorcycle tires is through and through to high-end products that comply with high technological developments all needs of motorcycle enthusiasts. Combined with the excellent environmental characteristics, these tires worth their money.

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