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Mitas motorcycle tires - tires with tradition

In Mitas tires is a traditional brand that was originally founded in 1933 in the Czech Republic as a subsidiary of the World Group Michelin. In 1991, Mitas was of Barum adopted but developed from 1997 to own tire brand. Mitas has earned a name for itself in the off-road area and in terms Speedway even world leaders.

Mitas motorcycle tire convince by robust quality

Mitas motorcycle tires are subjected to stringent quality controls by the internal quality management. This makes it possible the company has always been to high-quality tires to produce that many motorcycle fans have convinced all over the world. With the particularly tough rubber compounds, the Mitas motorcycle tire prove going particularly resistant injuries of all kinds and thus spare no use, even if it is still so under difficult conditions. Despite this robustness, the grip of the tires is in no way impaired. These offer optimum grip on any terrain and all road surfaces and provide excellent braking performance and maximum power transmission. The tires thus prove themselves under the toughest driving conditions as a reliable partner.

Mitas operates various tire segments

In addition to motorcycle tires Mitas has also in all other segments through a wide range of different tire profiles and sizes, such as for trucks and vans . In all segments, the tires stand for highest efficiency and safety. The robustness of the tires also contributes to high durability, so that there is an optimal price-performance ratio for the customer. Of course sets Mitas in the production of tires on a consistent environmental policy. In accordance with the principle of maximum environmentally friendly production Mitas complies with all environmental standards and exceeds these often still. This Mitas also contributes to a sustainable motorcycling.

Mitas is unbeaten world leader in off-road and speedway segment. The Mitas motorcycle tires convince with high performance at a reasonable price.

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