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Motocross tires

Motocross tires and dirt bike tires are made to speed through off-road conditions. There is a range of tires available for purchase form all-season tires, winter tires, stud able tires, and rock terrain tires. Different models are tweaked for different conditions. The price of the tires goes up the closer you get to competition ready tires.

Motocross tires come into three categories; soft, Intermediate and Hard terrain. For soft terrains like sand and mud softer tires are needed. The softer tires spread over a large area making it hard for the bike to sink into the mud. Off road conditions with dry earth require intermediate tires. These tires are flexible but while the bike is turning become slightly rigid. These are best to maintain speed and grip. For rocky terrain, hard tires are needed. Hard tires are built in layers and are designed to absorb impact.

Riding on track with jumps hard tires should be preferred as soft tires can sway too much after the bike lands causing the driver to lose control. The hard tires are also harder to rupture, so, on rocky tracks with sharp stones the tire can do its job with ease.

Where to buy Motocross tires

Motocross tires can be bought through online retailers, motorcycle tire shops, large retail stores and third-party vendors. All these different outlets will have a different price tag on the same item with the most reliable source of information being the manufacturer’s site.

Buying motocross tires online saves you the trouble of going to pick up the set. The tires can be delivered to your doorstep. With online orders, the most important thing to consider is the warranty coverage. If a site has an extremely reasonable price on a set, make sure the warranty is included. Sets without a warranty are cheaper to buy.

Motorcycle tire shop is the best bet to buy tires. Consulting the people working there can help you locate a better set then what you came for. It also helps to know that you can find cheap motocross tires here or better yet take the bike along to find the best motocross tires for you.

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