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Sports Touring Motorcycle Tires

Sport touring motorcycle tires are designed to go for a long haul. Just like commuter tires, these have a long tread life with relatively low tread wear. Unlike commuter tires, these tires are meant to go at higher speeds. What makes touring tires well-touring tires is the adaptability of the rubber. The compositional compounds in the tire make it able to work on different road surfaces without losing grip.

Just like other categories of tires, sport touring tires can be all year round, snow tires, off-road tires, or performance-based tires. Touring tires can be used in select competitions. Motorcycle touring tires do not require a lot of care and maintenance. That being said they do need a driver with a proper understanding of tire inflation. Incorrect inflation practice can put both the driver and the machine at risk of an accident.

Finding the right tire

The best sport touring motorcycle tires should have a large spine with deep sipe system. The sipe system removes water from under the tire and the deeper the sipe, the faster it pushes out the water. Along with this take into consideration where the tire is going to be operated.

For off the road use, a tire with raised tread is better as there is more surface contact with the ground. If the motorcycle is going to on the road get a tire with a smoother outer side. The smooth surface reduces rolling resistance and can shift lanes quicker.

The best touring motorcycle tires must have a low tread wear. Touring requires both the driver and the machine to commute over large distances. Touring tires whether normal or sports version both are put through rigorous testing to ensure that even after long hours on the road the grip ability is not compromised. One of the biggest concern is how the rubber reacts to temperature change as uneven expansion and contraction of the tire makes it more likely to blow out.

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