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Nokian tires:

As the largest tire manufacturer in Scandinavia, the company Nokian enjoys a high profile. With its innovative products and a continuous renewal of the range of the tire manufacturer is popular with customers and dealers.

Nokian - Successful in Finland

Founded in 1988 in the Finnish Nokia, the company Nokian has become the largest tire manufacturer in Scandinavia. With an average turnover of around 750 million euros in recent years Nokian among the world's most profitable companies in the industry. the average annual growth Thanks to the selected focusing strategy on the part of the company was also able to be surpassed in the tire industry. Today includes the largest tire chain Vianor for Nokian Group, which has more than 200 sales offices in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Latvia, Estonia and Russia.

Innovative and high quality

The company Nokian operates mainly in the replacement market for tires . Due to the constant renewal of the product offering and partly outstanding innovations the tire manufacturer was able to establish an excellent reputation among customers as well as retailers. Product development, marketing and management as well as a significant proportion of production still takes place in the Finnish Nokia. Due to popular demand, the company has also opened a second tire factory in Russia since of 2005. In addition, certain brand products are made in contract production in plants of different partners including China, Slovakia, the USA and Indonesia. In addition, the tire manufacturer Nokian has direct sales organizations, including Germany, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Switzerland and the USA.

tires from Nokian are rightly considered high-quality brand products, which are distinguished by their quality. With its innovative offerings it is able the company to offer its customers a real added value.

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