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Yokohama SUV tires

A car drives safely only with high-quality tires. This is true even for a large vehicle such as the SUV. Therefore, it is also important in this vehicle class to put on good tires. Yokohama SUV tires for such cars as created. They were the SUV specially adapted, in profile, size and style.

Yokohama is one of the first manufacturers of SUV tires

Who wants to put on Japanese quality, which will end up with a direct hit Yokohama. This brand is a hundred years of history and numerous innovations that make automobile tires not only safer, but also more fuel-efficient and cheaper. The company founded in 1917, is now considered one of the biggest names in the tire industry. The development and manufacture of tires is mainly in Japan and the USA. It exports to the whole world, after all, the demand for quality is Yokohama SUV tires very large. One of the first SUV tires that have come on the market, carry the logo of Yokohama. Even today invested manufacturers intensively in innovative technologies that make these tires still safe and good quality.

SUVs do more with Yokohama tires

Yokohama SUV tires as the Geolander SUV feature excellent quality and good handling characteristics. This tire has the so-called asymmetric profile which guarantees a higher stability of the vehicle. The noise level is 74 dB. A particularly low figure for an SUV tire. Very good of Geolander fared well in tests of aquaplaning. The tested SUV showed up here even in curves particularly stable. To SUV drivers can on during the winter season W Drive exit. This Yokohama SUV tire has a remarkable achievement, which is confirmed by numerous test even with snow and slush.

It is not only the size of the tread, which makes a good SUV tires. The fact that there is much more to prove quality Yokohama SUV tires. They allow a safe and comfortable driving. And if times the SUV out to the grounds, they make as much as on the asphalt.

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